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Pediatric Expertise Matters

MGA has been providing pediatric therapy and nursing for medically complex children for more than 25 years. Through outcomes-based care and quality you can count on, MGA Behavior Therapy makes cross-collaboration easy, transformative, and fun. Therapy for the whole child, support for the entire family.

Offering Clinic Based Therapy and In-Home Therapy

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Whole Child. Whole Team. Whole Family.

MGA Behavior Therapy was built upon the notion that children who require various forms of therapies deserve to get them in a timely, convenient manner. We also believe in quality and focus on proven results from highly educated and trained practitioners.

Over time, MGA Homecare, our parent organization, observed an increasing amount of medically complex children who require speech, physical, and occupational therapy. To keep serving these children adequately and add ABA therapy to our line of offerings, we saw the need to open MGA Behavior Therapy.

Now, all therapy is housed together where a team of therapists can work together to better serve patients. It’s convenience for you, but most of all, it’s quality care for your child.

A team you can trust. A mission we believe in.

All our therapists are certified through the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) with advanced degrees and state licensure. To become a BCBA clinician must complete a specialized master’s program in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), receive 1,750 supervised practice hours, and have passed a board examination.  All therapists receive a minimum of 40 hours initial training with ongoing supervision to procedural treatment competencies monitored through our custom coaching and performance management model. MGA emphasizes continual improvement and learning from our clinicians and support this goal through our continuing education and professional development opportunities. We pride ourselves in making education and evidence-based practice a core component of our practice.

Insurance Assistance

We work closely with all payors and have the knowledge and support to help you navigate the insurance ecosystem. 

Accepting Colorado Medicaid and TriCare Insurance now.